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Renewable energy has attracted a lot of interest due to the limited supply of coal and oil and the environmental concern of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. There are many different forms of renewable (green) energy including: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and so on. Among them, solar energy is the fastest-growing segment.
Sunlight is the world’s largest energy source and for thousands of years, it has been human civilizations chief source of light and heat.

Today, solar energy technologies are being developed and refined to more effectively
use the sun’s power for producing electricity (photovoltaic’s), as well as steam and
hot water for industrial processes (solar thermal technologies). In less than an hour, Earth receives more energy in the form of sunlight than it does from the fossil fuels it burns in a year.
 India is blessed with abundant sunshine - 300 sunny days and average incident solar radiation of 5-7 kWh/Sqm/day – much higher than the amount of solar radiation in many countries. This venture aims at the maximum utilization of the country's abundant sunshine to generate solar energy.

Solar PV module to generate power from sun light.
Solar hybrid inverter.
Solar tubular batteries.
Mounting structure and connecting cables for placing solar panels.
Space at your site to placing solar panels.
Any solar product can be utilized completely for 24 hr or for required back up time which will be depended on the design of the product as per your requirement.
Back up :
By using our Rise solar products only for backup you can save up to 25% of electricity bill.
If you are using grid power for backup then there might be chances of increase of your monthly electricity bills up to 25% because of extra load to grid power to charge the battery.
Daily and backup :
By using our Rise solar products for complete day & night usage of load you can save your monthly electricity bill up to 50%.In this case solar hybrid inverter will divide the power generated by solar in to 50% of load for day load usage and remaining 50 % for charging battery which can be utilized in the night times when sun is not available.
then best for you. If you are using like this then you get returns in 6 years.
This on battery is fully charged condition.
There is one more thing also there, if you are using Rise DC power packs then you will get more back up, rise energy solutions are having these kind of model especially where power cuts are more and people who want to use only solar power. Even we provide 24hours power solution (for lights and fans) and the model is designed base on customer requirement.
more bill, suppose if you're using a 150 AH battery as backup then it will take 2 units of power to charge per day and 60 per month, this 60 units are effect you electricity bill, in this if you are using rise power pack then it save your electricity bill. You will get returns in 8 years where solar PV modules are having 25 warranties on efficiency so it is best to save not only electricity bill whereas saving nature for carbon free.
Save money by reducing your Grid power usage units by using solar power.
Save power by generating your own required power through solar.
Save nature by using carbon free power generated systems like Solar and give less carbon environment for our future generation.
If any product customized as per requirement user can save initial investments on solar.
Save your initial investments on solar for your requirement customized designed product by RISE ENERGY PRODUCTS.
Welcome to Rise Energy Solutions..
Rise Energy Solutions is a semi-automated manufacturing facility which develops and manufactures high-quality Solar PV modules, Solar Systems; LED based lighting systems and Energy Savers. The manufacturing unit located at Hyderabad is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, backed by strong R & D cell and testing lab to produce affordable custom designed products. The company has all facilities to manufacture and test the products under one roof.

Rise Energy Solutions is committed to manufacture and supply of high quality products. The product range includes Solar Photo Voltaic Modules; LED based solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, solar lanterns, LED down Lights, Energy Savers and other custom made solar products


Our planet is ever depleting and is under energy crisis. Yet, we fail to acknowledge this issue and affect it by the squandering use of fossil fuels and other materials even when their availability is shrinking profoundly.


RISE Energy solutions mission is delivering the fruits of Renewable, Integrated, Sustainable, and Environmental energy solutions to satisfy the global energy demands by facilitating with advanced technological products

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