About us :

RISE Energy Solutions is an ISO 9001-2008 certified renewable power solutions provider, delivering high end performance to the power sector through the use of solar and other hybrid renewable energy technologies.

We are an Integrated Renewable Energy Enterprise, with a mission to enhance the livelihood of the highest to smallest and most remote areas of India through sustainable energy solutions and services. Our solar power distribution model will provide clean electricity in the most needed energy starved areas of the country. We are committed to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of solar energy and developing a sustainable PV industry.

We are manufacturing / trading of modules both polycrystalline & monocrystaline. Our high-quality PV modules provide clean and reliable solar electric power to on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale applications around the world. With local Sales and Service centers, with power outputs of PV modules ranging from 3W to 250W and various other solar products such as Invertors, DC Systems, LED lamps, solar charger controllers and many more. Adapting our product range to meet market demands allow us to provide our customers with a broader range of solutions.

Vision statement :

       Our planet is ever depleting and is under energy crisis. Yet, we fail to acknowledge this issue and affect it by the squandering use of fossil fuels and other materials even when their availability is shrinking profoundly.

To safeguard our future, we want to turn the earth into a renewable energy sustained planet. We want to encourage you to utilize various renewable energy resources mainly the abundantly available solar energy, to reduce carbon footprint and at the same time reduce your income expenditure on conventional energy too.

Mission statement :

   RISE Energy solutions mission is delivering the fruits of Renewable, Integrated, Sustainable, and Environmental energy solutions to satisfy the global energy demands by facilitating with advanced technological products, inculcating awareness and inspiring individuals by education, encouragement to take responsibility to protect our planet earth from global warming for benefitting sustainable generations.

As our client, you will be ensured technologically superior products which surely accomplish your power needs and meet the ecological and environmental standards of a renewable earth. This is just not an enterprise; it is a mission to benefit the society as a whole.

Who we are :

  Renewable, Integrated, Sustainable, and Environmental (RISE) energy solutions is an enterprise company established to facilitate the development of renewable energy focused solely on Solar energy.

How we accomplish this :

 We not only market our products but instead spread awareness on the importance of using various energy saving devices, energy harvesting systems and processes by research and development. Solar energy has indeed infinite potential but not even a minimal amount is being utilized today. We aim at changing this scenario in the years to come.

Why Choose Rise :

We will never sell only a fixed design products to everyone, before selling our team will complete their questioner in the first contact to find your objective to go for solar installation and then they will customize you a fit model in every accepts like budget , place for solar modules ect.