Invertor Features :-
  • Constant frequency.
  • Latesh PWM technology micro computer based to keep the output voltage constant and sine wave shape.
  • As th out put wave shape is like normal ac mains sinewave,no heating from your fans,no blackening of tubelights etc.Hence due to ups your appliance life will not get effected.
  • Electronic over load protection with auto reset and audio buzzer facility.
  • Continuions output short circuit protection.
  • Battery deep discharge protection.
  • Automatic charging control even at low voltage,120v AC input.
  • Overcharging protection and pulse charging for longer battery life.
  • Compact design for smaller size.
  • Mains high/low cut off to protect system and your applicances upto 440V.
  • Completely programable on sight by service person.
  • Battery reverse protection.
  • All prameters will be displayed on LCD like over load,mains voltage,bat voltage,UPS voltage,Or charge etc.
  • Solar charging option.
PV Module Features :
  • High efficiency 156mm poly crystalline cells
  • High quality Eva & back sheet to ensure high performance and provide good weather \ resistance for rugged environments.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy frame and tempered & textured clear glass with low iron content to enhance high efficiency.
  • Bypass diodes provided to avoid effect of partial shading.
  • IEC61215 Ed.2 & IEC61730 part1 and part2 certified
  • An iso 9001:2008 & iso14001:2004 certified production facility.
  • PV module power rating from 3wp, 25wp, 50wp, 100wp, 125wp, 250wp.
  • 25years limited warranty on power output. Output will be still 80% in 25 years, based on rated module performance less the negative tolerance.
Technical Specifications





Input voltage for charging

110V to 290V A.C.

Output voltage

230V +/- 3%



Typical Transfer time under

20 Sec. Max

Battery Voltage


Battery Charger

High Frequency constant current charger

Battery Protection

(a) Deep discharge protection.
(b) Overcharging Protection.
(c) Automatically changes to Pulse Charge In case battery is fully charged.

Audio Alarm

High pitch buzzer for overload and short-circuit indication

Overall Efficiency

90% at full load.

Module Rated Power Pmax - [W]

250(125 X2no)

Nominal DC input voltage

12 VDC

Module Rated Voltage Vmax - [V]


Module Rated Current Imax - [A]


Module Open Circuit Voltage Voc - [V]


Module Short Circuit Current Isc - [A]


Module Tolerance


Standard Test Conditions

Irradiance 1000 W/ m2,Module temperature 25 °C, Spectrum AM 1.5