Product Description:

In India, 40 million homes are without grid. They are using kerosene or other type of fuel lamp. This source of light has several problems like harmful to health, hazardous, unreliable, insufficient light etc. To overcome this, Rise SSL3W / S3W is the best solution to overcome the above problems. This will be useful in the homes where grid is not available
like remote rural, hilly, forests areas and also in urban homes as an emergency light.

The lamp consists of solar panel, SMPS charger, rechargeable maintenance free battery, high efficient Power LED's
and Micro controller based electronic circuitry to drive adequate light output constantly and vary the LED light
intensity in four ranges Bright light to Bed light.

Key Features:
  • Light intensity is equal to 40W incandescent bulb.
  • Long life (LED's last long for our life time).
  • Clean cool white light.
  • Maintenance free, no power bill of fuel cost.
  • It gives light for a week if charge fully twice a week.
  • It has four modes of operation; Bright mode, Study Mode, Emergency Mode and Bed Light Mode.
Specifications :


Indoor / Outdoor

Solar Module

6V / 2.5Wp


6V / 4.5 Ah SMF Battery


7.4V , 350mA Constant Current Charger

LED Type

High Power 1W LED

LED Make

Nichia / Cree

Lumen Efficacy

110 Lumen / Watt

Color Temperature

5500K – 7000K

Electronics Efficiency


Daily Use

Full Intensity : 3 – 4 Hrs

Low Intensity : 6 – 8 Hrs

Emergency Use

Full Intensity : 9 – 10 Hrs

Low Intensity : 20 – 22 Hrs


Battery Low Cut off and Re-connection

Over Charge Cut off & Re- connection

Dusk to Dawn& Battery Reverse


Battery Low – RED Led, Charging - Green LED


More than 50,000 Hrs of Life time for LED,

No flickering, 360° Light, Table Top

Maintenance free

System Housing

ABS Body