Rise Energy Solutions Solar water pumping system is a stand-alone system operating on power generated by Solar Photovoltaic panels.
Solar Pump Set:
    The Solar powered water pumping system is a stand-alone, environment friendly continuous water supply solution operating on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) system. From irrigation of fields to remote home or village water supply, solar water pumps are well suited and proven to meet water pumping needs, using solar energy.
    A solar powered pump is a pump running on the power of the sun. It makes efficient use of solar energy and converts it into electrical energy for pumping water to great heights. A solar powered pump can be very environmentally friendly and economical in its operation. This system operates on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) system. The photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system draws water from the open well, bore well, pond etc. The water pumping system can be used to irrigate land, when the water is to be pumped from a depth of well or a pond.
Rise Energy Solutions Water Pumping System:
  • Inbuilt MPPT tracking facility to get maximum power output from the solar Array.
  • Higher Efficiency.
  • Higher life cycle.
  • Dry Running Protection.
  • Higher Temperature Protection.
  • Over voltage protection.
  • Under voltage protection.
  • Over Load Protection.
  • High Durable and Reliable.
Advantages of Solar Water Pumps:
  • It helps in saving Energy.
  • It is economically feasible .
  • There is no fuel cost - as it uses available free sun light.
  • No electricity required.
  • Can be operated lifelong
  • It is highly reliable and durable.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • It is also useful for clean, drinking water sanitation and also irrigation.
  • It reduces the dependence on rain is reduced.
  • Low maintains cost.
  • Complete Independence from grid connection for water supply.
  • 25 years power warranty on the SOLAR PANELS.
  • It creates wealth for farmers by increasing no of crops.